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Lee Burnett, DVM


Dr. Lee Burnett, Veterinarian at Palmetto Animal Hospital

Dr. Burnett graduated from Tuskegee University School of Veterinary Medicine in 1994. He worked with a mixed-animal practice for many years before focusing strictly on small animal veterinary medicine. His interests include internal medicine and preventive care, ultrasound, and business management. He is also certified for the treatment of felines with hyperthyroidism.

Dr. Burnett always had pets growing up and they showed him the kindness and patience that he needed to care for them. This triggered his interest in veterinary medicine. He has one dog named Molly, and three cats named Limpy Lou, Maggie, and Moo Cow. All of his cats are three-legged and run around the clinic freely.



Brenda McKinley, DVM


Dr. Brenda McKinley, Veterinarian at Palmetto Animal Hospital

Passionate for high-quality veterinary medicine, Dr. Brenda McKinley is an accomplished doctor committed to providing her clients and patients with the very best services and care. Along with her gentleness and superior client communication, Dr. McKinley is highly skilled in laser surgery and general surgical procedures.

After graduating from Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine in St. Kitts in 2004, Dr. McKinley accepted a position as a veterinary assistant and registered veterinary technician at Santa Fe Pet Hospital in California. In pursuit of her dream to become a veterinarian, Dr. McKinley earned licensing in the state of California and accepted a position at the Santa Fe practice. Relocating to Murrells Inlet, South Carolina, she also treated animals at a rescue clinic for two years prior to joining the team at Palmetto Animal Hospital.

Dr. McKinley has a knack for arts & crafts, decorating and event planning. Each year, she actively participates in animal fundraisers and counts down the days until her favorite holiday, Halloween. At home, Dr. McKinley cares for six felines and a Chihuahua, all rescues from the golden state.



Sarah Morse, DVM


Dr. Sarah Morse has had a passion for helping animals for as long as she can remember. She loved playing doctor with her family pets as a child, and went on to volunteer her time at the local humane society. Her innate love for animals motivated her to become the compassionate, skilled, and successful veterinarian she is today.

Originally from Starkville, Mississippi, Dr. Morse earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Animal and Dairy Science from Mississippi State University in 2013. She continued her education at Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine where she earned her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree in 2016.

Dr. Sarah Morse joined the team at Palmetto Animal Hospital in October 2018. She has professional interests in soft tissue surgery and exotic animal medicine, and is a USDA accredited veterinarian in the state of South Carolina. To Dr. Morse, nothing makes her day quite like seeing a beloved pet regain their health and happiness.

Dr. Morse enjoys spending her spare time gardening and playing video games. She is the proud pet parent to a senior mixed-breed dog named Ed (female), a playful kitten named Charles Wallace, and a goldfish named Pop Tart. Ed is highly intelligent and knows every trick in the book (plus a few more!) Fun fact: The first pet Dr. Morse ever had was a 25 cent pet store goldfish named Fishy.



Ashley H.

Licensed Veterinary Technician, Certified Veterinary Technician

Ashley, Licensed Veterinary Technician at Palmetto Animal Hospital

Ashley is a Licensed Veterinary Technician and a Certified Veterinary Technician with 12 years of experience in the veterinary field. She has recently moved back to the state of South Carolina and finds comfort in the teamwork and laidback atmosphere of Palmetto Animal Hospital. One of Ashley's most prized qualities of her job is the one-on-one time she shares with patients. Beyond the hospital environment, Ashley revels in the great outdoors and is at ease when nose deep in a new book.



Cindy W.

Lab Coordinator

Cindy, Lab Coordinator at Palmetto Animal Hospital

Cindy loves the everyday excitement of working in the veterinary field. As a Lab Coordinator, there is never a dull moment! Caring for dogs and cats, as well as building positive client relationships, brings Cindy fulfillment. If she isn't working with the wonderful staff, clients and patients at Palmetto Animal Hospital, you might find her in the kitchen cooking seafood specialties, fishing, or planting flowers.





Heather B.


Heather, Receptionist at Palmetto Animal Hospital

Heather earned her Associates degree in Hospitality and Tourism and is currently working as a Receptionist at Palmetto Animal Hospital. She is a South Carolina native who has a fondness for Italian food. You may even see her at Stefano's Pizza Restaurant in town. Heather is a proud pet owner of two dogs, two cats and three hermit crabs. Her yellow Labrador mix can sit, shake, and even speak!




Emily B.

Receptionist/Technician Assistant

Emily, Receptionist & Technician Assistant at Palmetto Animal Hospital

Working as a Receptionist and Technician Assistant, Emily treasures all the animals of Palmetto Animal Hospital. She has a dog and cat of her own, Maizey and Tapanga, to go home to. Living in Florence, South Carolina all of her life, Starfire Grill and Restaurant is her preferred indulgence. In her free time, Emily may be basking at the beach, babysitting or watching the Harry Potter series.





Jennifer M.

Technician Assistant

Jennifer, Technician Assistant at Palmetto Animal Hospital

Jennifer is a fresh face in the veterinary field. After 2 months working as a Technician Assistant, she finds pleasure in caring for all the animals at Palmetto Animal Hospital. At home, Jennifer has two furry canine family members, Chess and Libby.





Carrie M.

Kennel Technician/Technician Assistant

Carrie, Kennel Technician at Palmetto Animal Hospital

Carrie attended college for welding and Criminal Justice, yet found her passion as a Kennel Technician and Technician Assistant. In her opinion, Palmetto Animal Hospital is the greatest place to work- hands down! The animals that come into the hospital keep Carrie on her toes and learning new things every day. Mother of three American Bullies, her love for animals does not end at work. Her talented dog Lugnut is a show dog and can play dead!





Connor R.

Kennel Technician

Connor, Kennel Technician at Palmetto Animal Hospital

Connor is currently attending Francis Marion College and working as a Kennel Technician at Palmetto Animal Hospital. Compassion for animals motivates Connor to care for animals in need and volunteer at a local animal shelter. She even adopted a homeless stray cat she named Goliath. Beyond animal welfare, Connor enjoys mud boggin,' swimming, tanning and taking care of her mom.





Darlene P.

Kennel Technician

Darlene, Kennel Technician at Palmetto Animal Hospital

Originally from Colorado, Darlene is currently working as a Kennel Technician. Spending her days working with dogs and cats brings Darlene much happiness and gratification. Not to mention, she appreciates the plethora of knowledge Palmetto gives her the benefit of learning. She has a family of five furry companions and has a clear love for dogs- especially an interest in wolves! You may also find her riding on the back of a horse.